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Disciple 6



  • Grade: 3 Boys - Room EB6
  • Grade: 4 Boys - Room EB2
  • Grade: 4 Girls - Room EB1
  • Grade: 5 & 6 Boys - Room EB3


  • 2 Yr. Old, Room 154
  • 3 Yr. Old, Room 159
  • 4 Yr. Old A, Room 152
  • 5 Yr. Old A, Room 150
  • 5 Yr. Old B, Room 161
  • Grade: 1A, Room 179
  • Grade: 1B, Room 178
  • Grade: 2, Room 177
  • Grade: 3 Girls, Room 175
  • Grade: 5 Girls, Room EB4
  • Grade: 6 Girls, Room EB5 

Disciples Path

There's a disciple-maker inside every Christian.

When a baby is born, people immediately spring into action to clean, check, bathe, and warm the infant. All this is done in order to ensure that this new creation is well on his or her way to a life of growth, health, and maturity.

But when someone is born into Christ, we usually just congratulate them and send them into the world. As a result, churches are full of baby Christians who never fully developed spiritually, even if they were born decades earlier.

Disciple's Path: The Journey (available in November 2016) provides an intentional one-year mission toward maturity in Christ. It's a purposeful process covering four volumes, 13 sessions each. The Journey was created to nurture believers into disciples who make disciples.

Disciple 6

The studies are grounded in Scripture and include the content areas of: 

Apologetics Core Doctrines Servant Leadership
Biblical Interpretation           Ethics Spiritual Disciplines
Biblical Relationships Evangelism and Missions           Worldview

Teenagers share in the leadership of the sessions. They prepare to disciple believers now and for a lifetime, nearby and to the ends of the earth


Explore the Bible: Kids uses object-based learning to help kids dig deep! Check out how the ark stacks up to other famous ships. Experience the gigantic size of Goliath compared to…your own dad. Kids explore the people, places, and objects of the Bible in historical context and compare them to modern–day life. With Explore the Bible, kids aren't just learning the Bible; they're experiencing it!


HeartShaper classroom-based curriculum is focused on helping kids love God and His Word—and live it out. HeartShaper is the only Sunday school curriculum that promotes biblical literacy by taking kids through the Bible five times by the time they reach sixth grade. With one focus per lesson and our unique Quick Steps™, teaching is easy—and learning is fun!