Wednesday Evenings

  • August 9th - May 20th

  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm 


Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

AWANA verses are chosen to establish a personal relationship between each clubber and Jesus Christ. As clubbers memorize scripture they will begin the process of unfolding the many truths found in God’s word, and prayerfully be able to use those truths to build a foundation of faith that will carry them throughout their personal journey with Christ.

The Prayer of AWANA is that all children would develop a deep desire to search the scriptures diligently and seek out a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We invite all children and students 3 years of age through 6th grade to be a part of AWANA Clubs. In addition to our Wednesday evening clubs, we also host special events which include movie night, skating parties, Grand Prix, Turtle Race, Box Car Race, Christmas store, and more.

Cubbies: Ages 3-5

Cubbies® celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers by helping them develop respect for God, His Son, and His Word.

Sparks: Grades K-2nd

Sparks® ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.

T&T: Grades 3rd-6th

T&T® engages children by answering their questions about God and the Bible, guiding them through this pivotal life stage to grow in Christ's grace.