Prayer Guide for June

This prayer guide is designed to lead us in unified prayer for our families, our church, our community, and nation. The daily passages are related to forthcoming Sunday morning messages.


Week One:


July 2 – Proverbs 2.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would open our understanding to the word of God that will be taught and preached today.

July 3 – Acts 22.  Ask God to help us use our freedoms as Americans to introduce others to the truth that will lead to their spiritual freedom.

July 4 – Acts 23.  Thank God today for the freedom we have as Americans and for those who have won and maintained that freedom.

July 5 – Acts 24.  Pray that God would give us both the opportunity and the boldness to testify about Him before others.

July 6 – Acts 25.  Continue to pray for GSBC’s Pastor Search Team that they would be led by and unified by the Holy Spirit.

July 7 – Romans 9.  Thank God for His mercy and His grace!

July 8 – Romans 10.  Pray as Paul did that Israel might be saved through knowing Jesus Christ.


Week Two:


July 9 – Romans 9&10.  Prayer for God’ anointing upon the Sunday School teachers, the small group leaders, our worship team members and our ministers to use them for His purposes.

July 10 – Acts 26.  Pray that we would each speak the truth of God with clarity and conviction.

July 11 – Acts 27.  Thank God for His provision and His protection in the midst of life’s storms.

July 12 – Acts 28.  Ask God to help us see the opportunities to advance His truth in our trials.

July 13 – Isaiah 29.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

July 14 – Isaiah 59.  Pray for truth to guide the relationship between the United States and Israel.

July 15 – Romans 11. Pray that the Jewish people will see and receive the Messiah!


Week Three:


July 16 – Romans 11.  Pray that God would open the spiritual eyes of those who do not know Him this morning in both the small group discussions and in our worship service. 

July 17 – Ephesians 4.  Pray that we, as individuals and as a body of believers, would live in such a way that Jesus Christ is glorified.

July 18 – Ephesians 5.  Pray that God would use our families to draw others to Jesus Christ.

July 19 – Ephesians 6.  Ask the Lord to help you stand firm in the power of His might no matter what challenges you face today.

July 20 – 1 Peter 2.  Thank God that as followers of Jesus we’ve been called out of the darkness to walk in the light of truth and righteousness.

July 21 – Romans 12.  Ask the Lord to help you live as a “living sacrifice” to Him 

July 22 – Romans 13.  Pray that God would raise up godly men and women to serve in positions of government in our nation. 


Week Four:


July 23 – Romans 12&13.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would move in our midst today in a powerful way. Also, pray for our country and our leaders that God would lead them.

July 24 – James 1.  Ask God to lead, guide and unify our Pastor Search Team as they seek to find the pastor the Lord would have at Greenwell Springs.

July 25 – James 2.  Thank God that He does not show partiality, that He treats us all the same, giving everyone a chance to be forgiven of their sins.

July 26 – James 3.  Ask God to teach us to bridle our tongues that we would not hinder the work of the Holy Spirit.

July 27 – James 4.  Pray that God would give us humble hearts that seek godly peace and the well-being of others.

July 28 – James 5.  Ask the Lord to show you someone that needs to be encouraged in their relationship with Him.

July 29 – Romans 14.  Ask the Lord to help us put the spiritual well-being of others over our own personal spiritual “rights.”

Week Five:


July 30 – Romans 14.  Pray that we as individuals and as a church will be prepared for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in our small group studies and the worship service.

July 31 – 1 John 4.  Pray that God’s love would be evident to the world based upon the way we love each other as Christians.

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