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What is the Council of Elders?

The Council of Elders is defined by our Church Bylaws as:

(1) The Council of Elders shall be the legal body of the church and function as its board of directors.
(2) The Council of Elders, in concert with the Senior Pastor, shall implement the overall spiritual oversight of the Church. They shall be available to assist the Senior Pastor and serve the congregation in any of the multiple tasks which comprise spiritual oversight and ministry of the Church; (I Tim 5:17; Titus 1:5)
(3) The Senior Pastor shall be the chairman of the Council of Elders.
(4) A Vice Chairman will be elected from among the Elders to officiate in the absence of the Senior 5 Pastor; a Recording Secretary shall be chosen by the Elders and approved by the Senior Pastor.
(5) There shall be eight (8) Elders, with two new Elders elected every other year, replacing the most tenured members. Elders shall be chosen by the Senior Pastor and shall not be members of the Ministerial Staff. Those chosen shall be approved by a majority vote of the Church in an announced meeting. The announcement of the meeting will take place at least two weeks prior to the meeting and be announced in each Sunday service. (Acts 1:21-26;6:1-7;Acts 20:17)
(6) The Elders shall make recommendations for starting salaries and annual increases for the Ministerial Staff. The recommendations will be made at the time of hire and placed in the annual budget for vote by the membership.
(7) Should there be a need to replace one of the Elders, the replacement will serve the remainder of that term only.
(8) Elders shall be men and meet the qualifications found in I Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9.

The full Church Bylaws can be found by clicking here.


Greenwell Springs Baptist Church
Current Elders

Ernie Allen

Alan Case

John Fralick

Michael Loolara

MArty Stone

Elder News

The Elder body is seeking God's wisdom during this time of transition. They have not come to a consensus on an interim pastor. They are continuing to meet seeking God's vision for Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.

On September 13th during the 10:30 worship service, The Elder Body will be answering questions that are submitted to them. Questions can be submitted below or to


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